Superstars is an app written for my kids as a way to provide rewards for good behavior. Essentially it is an allowance tracker application. When my children do something worthy of a “Superstar” they are granted an award through the app. If the child logs in, they see their current balance and have access to their history. They even have a way to share Superstars with their siblings or create a wish list. When they want to “spend” Superstars they let my wife and I know, we allow the purchase and enter the cost of the spend in the app (1 Superstar = $1).

The application is an Android client application that is installed on the parents and children’s Android devices (tablets and phones). The view is altered depending on who logs in. The architecture is the Android client (Java) and the Superstars server (PHP and MySQL).

Currently, I do not have plans for public release. This may change or the product could be made available with the appropriate agreement.