Sight Words

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The Sight Practice project was developed to assist with tutoring my daughter to prepare her for Kindergarten. I wanted a very simple flash card style interface that had no distractions, and allowed me to work with her to learn key sight words.

Help your 3 to 6-year-old learn sight words and numbers with Sight Words! Sight Words is a flash card style sight word app to help you interact with your child to teach them sight words. The app is focused on providing you the tools to teach your child to read without distractions.

Where other sight word apps provide cartoon character distractions, Sight Words it built for you to work and play directly with your child. Use the app to help them learn to read, or as a list to ask them to write critical words.

There are 180 words broken into 7 groups within the application. The sight words cover Kindergarten and First Grade. You should focus on one group of words at a time, and as your child masters a group, you can expand to working on larger combined groups in a session. Take it slow, as repetition is the key to learning. Most importantly have fun with your child as you look at the words and learn them. Expect them to forget, and encourage them when they remember. Over time your child will easily master the words contained in the lessons.

As your child masters the word groups, you should read the words to your child and ask them to write them.

Additionally, there are numbers for you to quiz your child on. You can go in order (counting) or show them a random number to identify. There are four number ranges you can work on with your child. One to ten, one to twenty, one to one-hundred, and one to one-thousand.

Work with your child daily to master sight words and numbers! Doing this will give your child a fantastic advantage in early education.