Welcome to CasettaTech!

All of my applications are currently completely free — no adds and no in-app purchases. I hope you enjoy CasettaTech applications and will leave a positive review on Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

Here you can find support for my products and discover what is currently in development. I am an independent developer hobbyist working on projects to benefit my family and friends. I am currently focused on Android mobile platforms, but will expand into any area that aligns with the needs of a solution.

My Vision:

To be the developer who creates opportunities for my customers and creates a better World in the process.

In Development Now!

Currently working on a Unity based 3d craps game simulator that will be released later this year.


Android Development

Do you have an idea or need for a mobile Android app? CasettaTech may be able to develop that for you. Currently, I am developing and distributing applications on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.


Have a project that requires experience and guidance?  I have experience with 5 Phase, and agile approaches for small to large projects.  I can help you to come in under budget and on time.


Do you have something that requires a unique approach?  I can help with that ultra creative requirement that others have said “can’t be done.”