CasettaTech Education

I am currently developing educational applications to use with my kids. I’m developing them for my family, but want to share the applications that we find are working for our kids. The first application that I have published is Sight Practice. It is a simple sight word random flash card app. There are no distracting “games” or cartoon characters. No sounds, or rewards in the app either.

The idea was to have an app that I can use to work with my daughter that simply displays a sight word. I ask her to say the word, spell the word, and use it in a sentence. This app will not really be effective without the interaction with a parent or capable reader to help the child while they learn.  This approach has been very effective and much more convenient than the stack of sight word flash cards we were using.

I have plans to develop and release more of the learning apps that we use as my kids grow.  I hope that they can help other children, and provide simple useful tools for parents and teachers.

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